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Where you can get the degree: DePaul University  Villages or communities are the smallest fighting units in an epidemic. Against the backdrop of epidemic prevention and resumption of work, what should the village do? Xiao Jiang community, Shuangpu town, Xihu district, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In Xiao Jiang, a suburb of the city of Urban village, more than 2,000 migrants live as tenants. It is time to return to work, and the Xiao Jiang community has drawn up a war map of "returning to work" in the face of an influx of migrants, in order not to allow the resumption of work to become a repeat of the epidemic. The "six must's" on the map for employees, individual businesses and buildings to return to work are clear, Yu Kuo-hwa said. Although they are all returning to work at the moment, the prevention and control of the epidemic remains the most important thing for the village. All Village Party Committee cadres are still divided into five groups according to the previous "epidemic prevention and control" battle map, each with its own functions: Command and Coordination Group, Information Reporting Group, investigation and Mapping Group, patrol and Control Group, Logistics Support Group. On Feb. 6, Zhang finished the sketches in just two hours, and then the town drew a battle map of the entire community based on what she had drawn, so that everyone could see at a glance what they were doing, let the villagers know how the village is epidemic prevention. If what I do serves the interests of my country, I will go at it even at the cost of my own life, I will not shy away from doing it be it weal or woe for me. (CCTV reporter Gao Xun) during a recent interview, I learned of a case: in a small village in northwest China, Liu Laohan and his wife's heart medicine was broken. The medicine could only be bought at the township health center, but the roads in the village were closed and the public transportation was stopped, the old couple are worried sick. They asked for help from their relatives in the village, and the other asked for help. It took them several days to bring the medicine to the village. The outbreak is surging, affecting urban life and production, farmers, agriculture, rural areas have also been hit. People in cities have all kinds of channels and resources to express their demands, seek help, and claim their rights, and many problems are solved. In contrast, many people in rural areas belong to the "silent majority" , some people lack the means to deal with the negative impact of the epidemic, and are not good at speaking out, so they need urgent attention and help. In an epidemic, different groups have different concerns. In rural areas, people may not be so nervous about the outbreak, most worried about is not to grab a mask, they do not have the heart to follow douyin steamed cake with Rice Cooker, research and development of new dishes. Most let them scratching their heads is: a year's plan is in spring, but now see the grass grow Yingfei, back to work and farmland production are affected, how to "settle" the family's livelihood? Those brothers who work outside the home to support their families usually go out around the 15th day of the first lunar month, but now many people can only stay at home. Especially in Hubei and other epidemic areas, when can go out to work is still unknown. While it's nice to have a chance to spend more time with your children, a break from work means a "zero salary" , which not only directly affects family income, it adds a lot of uncertainty to the future -- unless the clothing factories, restaurants, barbershops they used to work in are dragged down by the epidemic. Those families who have not been lifted out of poverty or who have just been lifted out of poverty are already poor, and now they have new worries. In particular, there are children to school, this year's living expenses, tuition fees, tuition and sundry fees, are not small pressure. If the family also has the patient, the disabled person, the lonely old person, the pressure will be even greater. The past month is the Chinese New Year, the stock of goods is relatively rich, but the following days are likely to encounter more difficulties. Those growers, breeders, inevitably encountered difficulties in selling. Some farmers in Hebei have run out of food and medicine, so they can only watch their chickens starve to death. Some farmers in Hainan have no way to sell their melons, so they can only let the fruits rot in the fields or feed them to chickens. In the north, when the rains have passed in the past, it's time to prepare for spring ploughing, but this year the situation is not optimistic. In order to reduce the use of funds, the amount of seed and fertilizer reserves of agricultural distributors in spring each year is generally only one-third. Most of the remaining funds need to be withdrawn in succession to make a turnover. However, affected by the epidemic situation, the flow of funds for people and logistics is not smooth, not only affected the sale of agricultural materials, but also let the dealers do not have enough funds to replenish new sources of supply. Both sides of the dilemma, whether it is "Pin" or "seed" will have trouble. Recently, public opinion has devoted considerable space to focusing on the shortcomings of the social governance system and governance capacity exposed in the fight against the epidemic. In fact, most of the issues that are widely discussed are urban issues. If you look closely, farmers have the worst resistance to risk in an epidemic that has not yet reached an inflection point, agriculture is the weakest Base, and rural areas are the most lacking in public services. These days, when city dwellers discuss returning to work, paying attention to canteen risks, how to work from home, and customising buses to work, the "silent majority" in the countryside must not be forgotten. They don't have the media around them, they don't do Vlog, they don't tweet for help, they don't wait for extreme cases like "Yunnan Bee farmers" to appear before they start paying attention to their plight. On Feb. 23, General Secretary Xi Jinping called for timely agricultural production in the spring at a meeting to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic of new coronavirus and the deployment of work for economic and social development. We must promptly solve the outstanding problems that affect the preparation and cultivation of spring ploughing, organize the production, circulation and supply of agricultural materials, and ensure that agricultural production does not delay the agricultural season. A meeting of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China on February 21st stressed that, "priority should be given to returning rural migrant workers to their jobs in poverty-stricken areas, as well as to helping rural households returning to poverty as a result of the epidemic. " The Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council and other seven departments have jointly launched a campaign to help the poor through consumption, stabilizing the channels through which poor households can increase their income, agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been brought into the scope of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council to ensure the use of fertilizers and drugs for spring cultivation in key areas Hubei Province has arranged for the deployment of closed management of rural groups, stable production and supply of agricultural products, and current agricultural production work, besides, the standard of no less than 300 yuan will be given to those who have special difficulties, such as those living in low-income areas, those in special poverty, the severely disabled, orphans, the left-behind elderly, and the left-behind children More than 12,000 agricultural technicians from Anhui province came to the villages to provide guidance and services for the preparation of spring ploughing and ploughing, and increased financial support. The scope of interest subsidy on loans for pig farms (households) was increased from more than 5,000 to more than 5,000 per year, it has been adjusted to an annual output of more than 500 heads; what is most needed now is that the decision-making and deployment of the central government at all levels and in all localities must be carefully handled. While preventing and controlling the epidemic situation and resuming work and production, the government must devote part of its energy to the countryside at the same time, and make "new tactics" , "hard tactics" and "practical tactics" according to local conditions, time and time. All relevant departments should carry out on-the-spot investigation and research to find out exactly what practical difficulties the farmers have and what pain points they have. Assistance in the form of living materials that need to be provided should be arranged immediately. The highway checkpoints that should be opened should be helped to be opened as soon as possible, chemical Fertilizers, pesticides and other Means of production should be raised as soon as possible, and those who have difficulties should come up with concrete measures to deal with them... but according to the Xinhua Daily Telegraph, in the course of seeking help from relevant departments, some seriously ill ordinary chronic patients, the response is still, "just bring in the new patient, " "no way, you have to find your own way. ". On Feb. 13, a netizen posted on Weibo that since my friend's father was too sick to get out of bed, my friend had asked all the hospitals he could run to in the past two days and wouldn't accept any of them! ONLY FEVER PATIENTS! We can think of ways to think of all, the mayor also called the hotline, "now there is no help. ". An article in the daily economic news said that Ozo had saved his life on Weibo: "Wuhan can not safely receive critically ill cancer patients! ! ! " His father suddenly suffered from massive hemoptysis three days ago due to his inability to undergo chemotherapy. Big Left ran to three hospitals, but no hospital can be admitted, he had to send his father to the emergency department to stop the bleeding. It says, "since the outbreak, Takeshi

11. Egyptology

Where you can get the degree: Florida Southern College

Job prospects: Astrobiology researcher, scientist or educator

  From 1200 to 2400 hours on 23 February, no new cases were confirmed. As of 24:00 on February 23,174 cases had been confirmed, 115 cases had been cured, 2 cases had died, and 57 cases had been confirmed, including 1 critical case and 1 critical case. There are 32 suspected cases. There were 53 confirmed cases in Kunming (32 cured and discharged) , 25 in Zhaotong (14 cured and discharged) , 15 in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture (12 cured and discharged, 1 died) , and 14 in Yuxi (9 cured and discharged, 1 died) , there were 13 cases in Qujing (9 cured and discharged) , 13 in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (11 cured and discharged) , 9 in Baoshan (5 cured and discharged) , 9 in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture (4 cured and discharged) , 7 in Lijiang (7 cured and discharged) and 5 in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture (2 cured and discharged) , pu'er City 4 cases (cured 4 cases) , Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture 4 cases (cured 4 cases) , Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture 2 cases (cured 1 case) , Lincang 1 case (cured 1 case). Wang Yanjun, director of Lee Teng-hui's office, confirmed on the afternoon of the 23rd that Lee Teng-hui was infected with pneumonia and is being treated, but due to his own heart disease and weak heart function, he can only use antibiotics at this stage and the discharge time can not be determined. Taiwan's former leader Lee Teng-hui, who choked on milk on February 8, was rushed to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital and has not yet been discharged. Regarding Lee Teng-hui's latest condition, Lee Teng-hui's office director Wang Yanjun confirmed this afternoon (February 23) , lee Teng-hui is being treated for pneumonia, but because of his own heart condition and weak heart, he can only be given antibiotics at this stage and the time of discharge is uncertain. Lee Teng-hui was found to have a change in pneumonia the day after he was admitted to the hospital, which at the time belonged to lung infiltrates and later became more severe, Wang said, according to a report in Taiwan's Zhongshi Dianbao on the 23rd, we're going into pneumonia mode. He said Lee Teng-hui was conscious but was not in good physical condition due to his advanced age and that the fluid in his lungs was under control. In response to the treatment and rehabilitation, Wang said that because Lee Teng-hui was weak and had pneumonia, it was impossible to determine when he would be able to recover and leave the hospital. The reason there is no active treatment for pneumonia is that Lee Teng-hui has a heart condition and his heart is weak, so at this stage he can only use weak antibiotics. It is now in a "slow and steady recovery" . Lee Teng-hui was taken to a hospital on Feb. 8 for observation after choking on milk and coughing, according to earlier reports in Taiwan media. On February 16, Wang Yanjun said in an interview that Lee Teng-hui's Diet and rest are normal, no fever, all indices, measurements, blood pressure and so on are normal, but because of choking, lung infiltration, if the infiltration is not well taken care of, if he gets infected again, it'll turn into pneumonia, which is why he'll be in the hospital for a while, allowing him to recover. Lee Teng-hui Lee Teng-hui's doctor, Chen Yunliang, said the hospital had issued a gag order on Lee Teng-hui's condition. Chinanews.com, Nanjing, February 23(reporter, Zhong Sheng) on the evening of the 23rd, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Communications and transportation issued the "notice on coordinating the work of ensuring traffic safety, smooth traffic protection and Transportation Service Guarantee" (the "notice" for short) , to propose the immediate abolition of all provinces in the jurisdiction of the province in the junction, provincial borders and other control points; for those who do not wear masks, all refused to travel and other requirements. Ensure smooth and epidemic prevention two-hand grasp, two-hand hard. Jiangsu Province is located in the Yangtze River Delta is the national migrant workers into the zone, migrant workers, school population of a large base, up to ten million people. It is a difficult problem for Jiangsu Province to guarantee the smooth traffic and steady epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and transportation, the notice requires all places in Jiangsu Province to immediately cancel all control stations set up in their jurisdiction on the junction, toll collection stations, service areas, provincial boundaries and national and provincial trunk highways, the restoration of closed junction and blocked state and provincial trunk roads, and the strict prohibition of hard isolation or cutting off county and rural roads. With regard to the transport of goods, the circular stipulates that all places shall not restrict the movement of goods vehicles or persuade them to return to their destinations on grounds such as the lack of travel documents. For drivers and stevedores who have entered the key areas of the epidemic for a short period of time to transport supplies, they need not be isolated for 14 days, provided that their body temperature is in conformity with the relevant regulations and protective measures such as wearing masks are taken. In the name of epidemic prevention and control, cargo ships shall not be allowed to dock for operations. To ensure no stopping, no inspection, no charge and no priority passage for those who hold "epidemic prevention and control transport materials and personnel transport vehicle passes" , and ensure that "rice bag" , "vegetable basket" products and agricultural Means of production normal circulation, timely access to the village. At the same time, the requirements for epidemic traffic control have not been lowered. The notice stipulates that the passenger loading rate of long-distance passenger shuttle buses, inter-provincial and inter-city passenger charter buses (except for inner-city commuter charter buses) and waterway passenger liners shall not exceed 50 per cent. We will strictly implement the system that drivers and passengers wear face masks when on duty, passengers wear face masks when on duty, and temperature checks for passengers. Passengers who do not wear face masks will be refused to board the bus. If a passenger with fever is found, measures shall be taken in time according to the regulations of the jurisdiction. To abnormal temperature passengers, according to the regulations in a timely manner to take isolation and other measures, and the fastest way to the passenger to stay in the inspection station. On January 25, the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China of the Central Government, which rarely meets on the first day of the Lunar New Year, decided to re-study, re-deploy and re-mobilize the work of epidemic prevention and control, and set up a central leading group for epidemic response, sending a central guidance group to Hubei and other places; On February 3, the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China met again to launch an all out war of prevention, control and interdiction of the epidemic. At that time, it had already been proposed that serious epidemic areas should concentrate on the prevention and control of the epidemic. While other areas are doing well in the work of prevention and control, the issue of resuming work and returning to production has gradually been put on the agenda. On February 12, there was another meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the meeting put forward for the first time "positive changes in the epidemic situation, prevention and control work has achieved positive results" , and "epidemic prevention and control work to the most difficult key stage. At the meeting, requests were made for areas where the epidemic was particularly serious or at greater risk, and for areas that were not key to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The reason why Dao Shu listed the themes of these meetings of the central committee above, the purpose is to make it clear that the central government has a thread in the process of deploying and directing epidemic prevention and control: from the single theme of Epidemic Prevention and control, to the question of returning to work and returning to work, to the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, it can be said that with the progress of epidemic prevention, the central government policy is making timely adjustments. In addition to the attendance of members of the Politburo, members of the Standing Committee, secretaries of the Secretariat and state councilors, members of the Central Leading Group on epidemic response, some comrades of the Central Steering Group to Hubei, and key responsible comrades of the member institutions of the joint mechanism for epidemic prevention and control under the State Council attended the meeting. In addition, all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as all cities (prefectures, prefectures, leagues) , counties (cities, districts and banners) , all departments of the central government and state organs, all people's organizations, and units of the PLA and the armed police force at or above the regimental level have set up meeting venues. From the Central Government to the county and Youth League levels, the large scale of participation in the meeting shows at least three points. First, the content of the meeting is very important, second, the content of the meeting is very urgent, and third, the content of the meeting is no longer transmitted layer by layer in the form of documents, to reduce the level of information reduction and misinterpretation in the middle. General Secretary Xi Jinping spoke in Beijing, and all the meetings were attended by live speakers. Such as the current situation of the epidemic. The meeting said that the current situation of the epidemic remains serious and complex, prevention and control is at the most difficult and critical stage, continued the judgment of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China on February 12. Therefore, Xi warned Party committees and governments at all levels that they must be on high alert to numb their minds, be weary of war, take chances and relax their minds... success will never be taken lightly without a complete victory.

Job prospects: Egyptologist, historian, specialized archaeologist

Job prospects: Corporate Management, Quality Assurance, Sales or Technical Support in Live Production, Processing, or Marketing.

The following list includes some weird-but-cool college majors, along with an example of a college that offers it, details of what students in the field study and the jobs that students pursue after graduation, as listed on each example college's website.

Job prospects: Vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and biotechnology businesses

Where you can get the degree: Humber College (Canada)

Where you can get the degree: HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College


Example courses: Engineering Problem Solving and Design, Computer Methods in Engineering, Engineering Problems and Analysis, Manufacturing Processes

Example courses: Audience Communications, Auctioneering Law, Procurement and Appraisal of Merchandise, Preparations for the Auction

Where you can get the degree: Mesalands Community College

Where you can get the degree: University of North Texas

Job prospects: Surf-related fields, surf business, surf instructor

Example courses: Popular Music Performance, Songwriting, Computer Assisted Recording and Editing, and Music History

Job prospects: Community organizations, government or privately owned leisure, parks and recreation programs, health and fitness industry

Example courses: Planetary Habitability, Astrobiology Field Experience

Example courses: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development, Managerial Issues in Family Enterprise, Family Enterprise Ownership: Emphasis on Legal, Estate, and Asset Protection Issues, Case Studies in Family Business